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The Maldives is that the most celebrated cluster of islands within the Indian Ocean and maybe the planet over. The beautiful fantastic thing about its turquoise lagoons and pristine beaches is just one. The Maldives islands area unit one among the few places on earth that everybody hopes to expertise in their lifetime—and once you see it, you're forever enamoured. However, the Maldives is over simply a tourer paradise. it's cited as “Dhivehi Raajje” by the endemic folks which means the country of the Dhivehi folks. The Maldives may be a assortment of one,192 coral islands situated within the Indian Ocean on the point of the Indian landmass. The Maldivian terra firma contains of twenty six natural coral atolls – a series of islands fashioned from coral reefs, that grew around a submerged volcanic mountain. The country is home to three hundred,000 folks that survive 192 islands. Most of the remaining islands area unit left untouched for the system to flourish. on the point of one hundred islands are reworked into business enterprise hubs that kind the backbone of the Maldivian economy. till the Seventies, the Maldives was comparatively unknown to the planet. With the business enterprise boom on island resorts, the Maldives has become the tropical paradise for holidaymakers. The island boast of a vivacious and numerous system that's comprised of twenty one dolphin and whale species, four hundred molluscs species, eighty three invertebrate species and an unbelievable one,100 fish species.

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