Just five decades back, it is just a small fishing town in the middle of the desert. Until the discovery of oil in 1966, the gulf was only a desert but many cities completely changed after the discovery. Now Dubai is one of the most famous tourist destinations globally. So, how Dubai managed to cover the huge distance of becoming a popular tourist hotspot? Is it because of the art facilities that the city offers or the mind-blowing range of shopping experiences? Let’s find out.

The Luxurious Hotels

Dubai has some of the most luxurious and prestigious hotels that offer guests an amazing experience during their stay. Tourists can stay in different areas of emirate enjoying different scenarios. Every hotel is different from others and provides unique services and views. One of such lavish hotels is Burj Al Arab. It is one of the most expensive hotels in the world and a seven-star hotel. The hotel is one of the best places to visit in Dubai. The plethora of mesmerizing hotels in Dubai is one of the reasons that it is a popular tourist destination.

Modern Architecture with Local Culture

The major attractions in Dubai are its modern architecture with the taste of the local culture. The world’s largest building, Burj Khalifa, rested comfortably in this lavish city and is one of the famous tourist attractions in Dubai. No matter where you go to Dubai, you can feel the energy and high spirits of its culture. It is another reason why Dubai is becoming one of the most popular tourist hotspots.

The Amazing Shopping Experiences

The city also offers amazing shopping experiences and the shopping services and facilities are widely known in the world. The shopping malls are modern, air-conditioned, and full of the latest fashion trends. It not only offers amazing fashion brands but also gold markets where one can find platinum, diamonds, and occasionally silver at a low-cost. There are a lot of famous tourist destinations in Dubai that offer the best shopping experience.

The Business Destination

Dubai not only allures tourists but also many businesses. There are various business opportunities in Dubai varies from marketing and advertising to recruitment and book-keeping. Many people come to Dubai just because of the great business opportunities. Now, Dubai is not just about the oil industry, it is broadening its perspective and becoming the most famous tourist place globally.

Entertainment and Family-Friendly

The entertainment industry in Dubai also plays a crucial role in making it the best tourist destination in the world. Dubai has the world’s most prominent shopping malls and entertainment centers that captivate tourists. There are many interesting things to do in Dubai. Whether you want to experience the interesting fireworks in the sky or just want to rest in the lavish hotels, Dubai has it all. Some think that Dubai is not an ideal destination for a family trip but it’s not right. There are plenty of things to do for the whole family. Dubai Parks and Resorts, a theme park in Dubai, is one of the best places to visit in Dubai. It offers many interesting things for kids of all ages. One can collect a bunch of memories with family.

Dubai contrasts its heritage with modernization which makes it unique among other tourist destinations. The city has so much to offer and there are plenty of things to explore. There is no doubt why Dubai is rising as a popular tourist hotspot.