The temple is famous for its mondo with the huge image of Buddha that is partly visible from outside. The name of the temple means “The Temple of The Bodhi Tree”. The Bodhi trees are found in Thailand around various temples.

People of Thailand considered the Bodhi tree as a holy tree because Buddha meditated under a Bodhi tree before achieving enlightenment. There is also an ancient stone inscription in the temple.

The inscription found in the mondop conveys information about establishing the Sukhothai kingdom. Wat Si Chum was founded in the 13th century and consists of a mondop and a viharn. The viharn, or in other words assembly hall, just has the ruins of base and rows of pillars and it stands in front of the mondop. Wat Si Chum is one of the historical places to visit in Thailand.

Places to Explore at Wat Si Chum

Wat Si Chun is a mysterious temple in Sukhothai and offers various historical places to visit and explore. The temple is one of the famous tourist attractions in Thailand. Here are some best places to explore at Wat Si Chun:

Phra Achana Buddha Image

The mondop building is roofless and treasures a huge Buddha image of Sukhothai style called Phra Achana. The brick stuccoed image rests in the Bhumisparsha Mudra also called “calling the Earth to witness”. It is the largest Buddha statue in Sukhothai which is 15 meters high and 11 meters wide. The image is wearing a calm facial expression and occupies the total space of the mondo's interior. There is an opening at the center of the mondop that is diminishing in size towards the top through which the image of Buddha can be seen from outside. Phra Achana means “He who is not frightened” and the image is popular from the stone inscription. The right hand of the image is covered with gold leaf which was put on by Buddhist devotees. The Buddha image makes it one of the best tourist destinations in Thailand.

Slate Slabs Engraved with Jataka Tales

A staircase in the three-meter thick walls of the mondop that is now closed for visitors leads to the top of the structure. The ceiling of the stairway has drawings carved in slate slabs from the 14th century. The carved drawings depict the scenes from the Jataka tales and the stories about the previous lives of Buddha. The historical depictions make Wat Si Chum one of the best places to visit in Thailand. The stairway is open for the Buddhist devotees and they can learn about Buddhism by these depictions. The slate slabs are now removed for protection purposes and kept at Ramkhamhaeng National Museum.

The Legend of Speaking Buddha Image

The Phra Achana is also known as the Phra Pood Dai which means “the speaking Buddha”, has a legend attached to it. According to it, before a battle, the king wanted to boost the spirit of his troops. He ordered one of his soldiers to climb the narrow stairway in the mondop that enshrines the Buddha image, unnoticed by others, and deliver an inspirational speech. The speaker was not visible at such height and location so the troops thought that the image of the Buddha was speaking. Another story says that the armies of Burmese fled in fear upon approaching the Buddha image.

Wat Si Chum has a great religious reputation in the heart of locals and the ruins there convey a lot of historical incidences. The temple is one of the best tourist places in Thailand.