The oldest stone architecture in Abu Dhabi. After having extensive reinventions, the place is reopened as a museum in late 2018 and become one of the most popular attractions around Dubai. Qasr Al Hosn is an essential part of the history of Abu Dhabi. It is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi Main Island.

It holds the city’s first permanent structure in the shape of a watchtower. The structure was built in the 1790s to oversee the trade routes in and around the UAE. The building is surely a historical remark and had a very important role in UAE’s overseas trade relations.

There are primarily two buildings in the structure – The Inner Fort and The Outer Palace. In history, the building has played multiple roles. Apart from the watchtower, it was used as a royal residence, a central government building, and the council meeting place. Qasr Al Hosn is now playing the role of the national archive of the most important records and documents of the United Arab Emirates. It is also used as a museum. One can observe old relics and manuscripts that take back in the past when Dubai was just a small fishing village. There are also tools and weapons stored and some of them are almost 6000BC old. If you want to cherish the spirits of the true UAE then it is the must-visit place around Dubai.

Things to Do in Qasr Al Hosn

The museum of Qasr Al Hosn displays artifacts, pictures, and other historic things. The place also exhibits several weapons that were used in the past. House of Artisans is the center of celebration and conservation of the history and culture of UAE. It continuously worked towards protecting and promoting Emirati craft. There are different workshops and training courses held to keep the amazing traditions and craftsmanship alive. One can learn about the following types of traditional Emirati crafts:

Al Sadu

It is a weaving method adopted by early Bedouin women. Women used animal wool to create beautiful clothing in geometrical patterns. The work represented their identities and their surroundings. Besides clothes, they weave bait al-sha’ar, tents to protect their families. Moreover, they feel prideful to make accessories for the family camels. They prepare clothes for the camel saddles and straps with stunning use of colors and textures. The display of the technique makes it one of the best places to visit around Dubai.


While visiting the House of Artisans, tourists can learn about the traditional craft of Khoos. With the help of the technique, branches and leaves of the date palm tree weave together to form different household items for generations. Whilst the technique is the same, some weavers show their creativity by using different colors. The products made by the technique include table mats, hand fans, baskets, and lids.


Talli is an exclusive skill that passed on from generation to generation where cotton or silk is used for embroidery. With the help of the skill, women decorate collars, sleeves, and the hems of the traditional dresses with a mix of gold and silver thread. It is an intense process where a single mistake can’t be tolerated. All these beautiful and amazing crafts make Qasr Al Hosn one of the major tourist attractions around Dubai.

Qasr Al Hosn takes you to the past of Abu Dhabi and UAE and is an authentic symbol of old Abu Dhabi. The place gives a glance of life during the early days. . It is one of the heritage sites around Dubai and brings a nice contrast to the modern capital. A visit to the oldest building of Abu Dhabi will help you to discover some treasured displays, age-old culture, and traditions.