Do you ever want to explore a mesmerizing wonderland full of flowers and other beautiful displays that will take you into the divine world? If yes, then you should explore Dubai Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden.

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Dubai Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden

Do you ever want to explore a mesmerizing wonderland full of flowers and other beautiful displays that will take you into the divine world? If yes, then you should explore Dubai Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden. Here is everything one should know about the beautiful and fascinating gardens.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is no less than a minuscule world of floral wonders established on a mighty land of around 72000 square feet. The thing that makes the garden special is that it is the home of approximately 50 million flowers blooming all over to embrace the grandeur of the garden. The most common flowers that can be noticed are Marigolds, Petunia’s, and Geraniums. There are also the spectacular replicas of Burj Khalifa, arcs, tombs, huts, houses, and other structural exhibits all blanketed with beautiful flowers. The myriad of these wonderful and beautiful flowers makes the garden one of the famous tourist attractions in Dubai.

Dubai Miracle Garden is not just limited to sightseeing but there are lots of exciting things to do here. The peculiar layouts, heart, and butterfly-shaped passages invite the tourists with a warm heart. One can simply stroll through the passages, witness adorable cabanas, or dine at some of the international food kiosks and restaurants. Also, the butterfly garden increases the beauty of the miracle garden. It really takes great effort to maintain the charisma of the garden as it is nestled in a region that is not ideal for botanical habitat. Let’s explore more about the garden to make the Dubai trip itinerarymore exciting and enjoyable.

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Major Attractions in Miracle Garden

The Miracle Garden of Dubai offers the tourists to explore the wide variety of attractions that make anyone fall in love.

Emirates A380

Dubai Miracle Garden possesses a double-deck jet airliner named Emirates A380. The airliner is covered with a wide range of flowers of different species. From Marigold to Snapdragon and Petunia, it has everything in its treasure to admire the beauty. The airliner weighs approximately 100 tons due to the use of over 500,000 flowers to cover it.

Disney Avenue

Disney Avenue is just the epitome of children’s heaven, where they can have a catch up with their most cherished Disney characters. Disney Avenue unbridles some of the best Disney characters smiling amid the torturous heat of the city. The astonishing avenue makes it one of the major tourist hotspots in Dubai. The avenue offers 18 meters high floral model of different Disney characters.

Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise is located in a depth of more than 20 feet in Miracle Garden and promises mesmerizing views. It is an underground attraction of the garden and let you explore various floral houses and multi-story bungalows. The floral structures make the garden one of the best places to visit in Dubai.

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Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai has many destinations to explore and the Dubai tripis considered incomplete without exploring the Dubai Butterfly Garden. The garden is a beautiful part of Dubai Miracle garden and extended in the year 2015. The Garden is best known for being the “World’s largest covered butterfly garden” stretches in an area of around 2600 square meters. The Butterfly Garden is popular for the 15000 butterflies of 50 different species. It is an indoor garden and has ten domes which add a special dimension to the architectural criteria. The garden will take you to the magical world of fairies and is one of the best tourist spots in Dubai. The domes are climate-controlled which makes the garden working throughout the year. Surprisingly, there are numerous varieties of nectar plants in the garden which make it more beautiful and ensure the better health of the butterflies. Not only sight-seeing, but the place also provides an educational area where tourists can learn more about butterflies.

Major Attractions in Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai Butterfly Garden is indeed a beautiful attraction and offers many mesmerizing things that make it one of the amazing places to visit in Dubai.

The Butterfly Museum

The museum is admiring that can leave you spellbound with its beauty and charm. The different artifacts are made up of butterflies and gathered from different parts of the globe. At first, the pictures will look hand-made but on a closer look, one can observe that the pictures are made up of dead and preserved butterflies.

The Educational Area

The unique and beautiful butterflies that you would come across during your visit have undergone a metamorphosis from different stages to acquire the wonderful look. The educational area of the butterfly park is worthy of a glance at the lifecycle of butterflies and one of the top places to visit in Dubai.

Koi Pond

The admiring Koi fish swimming comfortably in the calm waters of the pond is astounding to witness. The pond is tucked in dome 2 of the butterfly garden and attracts several tourists.

Dubai Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden are indeed beautiful tourist attractions in Dubaithat captivate numerous tourists. The gardens will take you to a wonderland and you will explore the flowers and butterflies.