Slowly emerging as one of the best tourist attractions in Thailand, there is no surprise the place is full of interesting tourist places. From the elegant and ancient Old town to fascinating beaches and awestruck culture, Phuket has everything covered. The place is blessed with shiny golden beaches, a vibrant shoreline dotted with colorful beach shacks, adventurous and thrilling water sports, amusement shows, and vivacious nightlife.

Famous Places to Visit in Thailand

There are a number of great tourist destinations to explore in Phuket. While visiting Phuket, it is guaranteed that one can’t have a single boring day. The charm and admiring atmosphere of the place allures several tourists.

Places to Visit in Phuket

There are innumerable places to explore in Phuket which simply can’t be missed and the beauty of these places is unparalleled. The charisma of these places makes Phuket one of the famous places to visit in Thailand.

Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum is one of the best museums one can come across while exploring Phuket. It is not wrong to say that the museum is one of its kind. The museum is located in the Southern part and is one of the best tourist destinations in Thailand. The main motive of the museum is to stimulate the creativity and imagination of the visitors. The museum was established so that the visitors will engage themselves with art in an artistic way and become a part of it. It is filled with numerous 3D arts that will leave you spellbound. Apart from that, there are lots of artistic things as well and it is an exciting place to hang out with friends and family.

Phuket Bird Park

Stretches over 12 acres of land, Phuket Bird Park is one of the mostfamous tourist places in Thailand among nature enthusiasts and wildlife admirers. The park features numerous bird species from South America, Africa, and Asia and is the home of thousands of birds in their natural habitat. The dense green gardens are well maintained and present a natural waterfall. The park allows birds to fly freely and wildly on the premises. For the entertainment of tourists, the live bird shows are held thrice a day.

Best Tourist Destinations in Thailand

Patong Beach

Patong Beach is the heartbeat of Phuket and one of the most happening beaches of Phuket. It captivates a huge number of tourists with its charm and one of the amazing places to visit in Thailand. The hemispherical golden beach is energetic and filled with cafes, shacks, and pubs. The beach offers numerous adventurous water sports and the surrounding cliffs with crystal clear water.

Slip N Fly Phuket

Explore one of the major tourist attractions in Thailand, KC Kathu Connection Club Bar, and Restaurant which features active entertainment options as well as a place to relax and revitalize in the quiet beach gazebos. There is a special kid’s zone for people who are traveling with family where they can engage with many fun activities. The place also has a stylish and sophisticated bar for parties, and a clear swimming pool to splash around.
The best tourist destinations in Phuket has something special to offer to their guests, The unique charisma of these places makes them one of the best tourist attractions in Thailand. Explore the places and make some new travel memories.