So, I started searching on the internet and come across the website of My Travel Journey which provides the best packages for the Maldives. My titillating and much-awaited trip to the Maldives started with transit from Singapore via Trivandrum, India en route to the Maldives.

At the airport, the lady at the check-in counter gave us all the front row seats and the helpful staff accommodated all my requests for beverage and food during the short but comfortable flight to Male. On landing, I was reminded of the happy memories returning from my last visit in 2010. I was sure then that the Maldives was the most beautiful place on Earth and one should visit there once in a lifetime.

A Boat Ride to the Hotel

In the beautiful country of Maldives, you are required to take a boat or a seaplane from the airport to your hotel that you are staying in for the trip

At the Male airport, there were an extraordinary amount of resort counters. There are many resorts in the Maldives; we were staying at the Club called Med Kani Island. When we found our resort counter, the staff guided us to the boat - yes, ordinarily one takes a car or taxi to the hotel but here in the Maldives, one can be seen using a boat or a seaplane. The boat ride was jerky and the strong winds blowing all over the beautiful place. During the ride, it started to rain and the raindrops felt like tiny pebbles on my skin. The strong wind made my hair blow everywhere and, I spotted some flying fish.

When we all reached the Club Med in the Maldives, we were welcomed with a glass of refreshing ice lemon tea and cold water. The ambiance was filled with the lovely music booming from the speakers near the pool and the kids were playing games and giggling. The GO’s (Group Organizers) were extremely accommodating and multilingual. There was an unlimited supply of food and drinks.

Snorkeling at Lion Fish

We got back to our room at around 1:00 pm and it was a nice and enjoyable walk to our cozy beach cottage with a stunning view of the sea. After changing into my beach gear, my family and I enjoyed a nice filling lunch with lots of laughter and fun.

After some time, we were on our merry way to the jetty for our first snorkeling trip in the Maldives and it is one of the best things to do in the Maldives. I met some of the trainers and was pleasantly shocked to discover that they could speak Mandarin. I had a long conversation with them about various types of fishes and people around the neighborhood. When we were collecting our snorkeling equipment, from the distance I could see the different colors of the water. The shallow water was light blue, the not too shallow or too deep water was mild blue and the deep water was beautiful ocean blue. The place looked like it was freshly painted on the canvas by an artist

The snorkeling site we visiting was called the Lion Fish. The moment I jumped in, I felt as if the water was sucking me in; it was extremely cold and refreshing. I wanted to stay underwater but I needed to go up for air.

The very first fish that I saw when I opened my eyes was the Blue Surgeon. It reminded me of Dori from the movie Finding Nemo. Another fish I spotted was called the Gold Striped Emperor. They swim in small schools near the reef because they get their main food source from the reef. I loved swimming with them because they would just swim right past me and I could just see them and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Towards the end of my trip, my brother caught a glimpse of a Stocky Hawk fish. It looked just like a puffer fish because it was so puffed up. I could not see it at first but as I focused, I saw that it was very well camouflaged amongst its surroundings. The fish blends in well with the coral and patiently waits till another fish comes to feed off the coral and then attacks it. After spending some time floating over it for a while, we went back to the boat.

As we climbed back to our boat, my father saw someone carry a phone out of the water. They told us that it was in a waterproof bag, which helped the phone stay dry, and they were it to video record the snorkeling experience. This was available at the gift shop. We decided that we too had to get a bag to take with us on our next underwater adventure. There are a variety of popular places to visit in the Maldives.

I was still feeling quite robust so I went down to the kayaking area and did some kayaking. The wind was blowing and the waves rocked my kayak. After an hour of sitting in the kayak, I went back to join my family for dinner. After our lavish and delicious meal, we happily made our way back to our hotel room. Though it was just a small trip I relive my past experiences and memories again. The next day, we head back home early in the morning. The Maldives package I choose was really worth it and I really appreciate it.